Assessment of Opportunity

Assessment of Opportunity
Assessment of investment opportunities

WolfCentre Medical’s focus is to attract investment opportunities for the wellbeing of the Indigenous people through a complex exercise which will require both precision and instinct. We will look to ensure that we recognize each potential investor and partner by their commitment to scientific, clinical, traditional and spiritual goals to realize the full potential of our partnership. WolfCentre will assess the potential of the investors and/or partners to offer a transparent and clear opportunity for not only commercial potential, but the benefit it would offer the Indigenous communities.
By our integrated depth in business, healthcare and science-based approach, WolfCentre Medical will used data-driven precision to assess opportunities. WolfCentre Medical will assess scenarios and diversities allowing us to apply our proven analytical framework to solidify true investors and partners.

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At Stantec, we’re always looking for ways to build stronger connections with communities, and meaningful engagement with Indigenous Peoples and businesses, as well as commitment to the prosperity of Indigenous communities, is essential to our business objectives and our promise to design with community in mind.

Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ)
  • Indigenous Peoples in Canada benefit from regaining access to and strengthening traditional cultural ways of life, including health and healing practices.
  • Many Indigenous communities are working to strengthen cultural healing practices that were marred through colonization and oppressive government policies.

About Indigenous Works

Indigenous Works, formerly the Aboriginal Human Resource Council, is a national social enterprise that is ISO 9001 certified (quality management system). We were founded as a non-profit national organization in 1998 as a recommendation from the 1996 Report on the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples with a mandate to improve the inclusion and engagement of Indigenous people in the Canadian economy.