Educational Programs

Educational Programs
Development of programs for education

WolfCentre Medical will work with our partners to create and design educational programs that are specifically geared to bring education to the Indigenous youth. We will find unique ways to implement an environment of learning through extensive co-operation with the academic community. Through systematic planning we will assess the needs and shortfalls of education needed for each discipline, then develop the program, material and strategy to implement it.
At WolfCentre Medical, it is equally important to share the same values as your partners. These values affect all aspects of the value chain of an institution or a training center, from the infrastructure to the way the faculty is selected and the way the curriculum is developed. Core values of an institution could include excellence, integrity, innovation, teamwork, responsibility and many more.
WolfCentre sees the importance of planning the curriculum in a way to address an answer to the question: What will be used as evidence that a program or course was successful? We will use a model that identifies four evaluation levels; these levels are (a) reaction: participant satisfaction and self-assessment of learning, (b) learning: the learners’ knowledge and skill improvement, (c) behavior: transfer of learned skills to other areas (e.g., jobs or future classes), and (d) results: impact on the institutions success and improvement. We find that the last two levels go beyond just learning and assess what students can do and how this contributes to a more general measure of educational success leading to employment success. We believe this will enhance the self esteem of the students taking the course.

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