Our Team

Dr. Mayra Rodriguez
As the founding director of WolfCentre Medical Consortium Inc., Dr. Rodriguez brings her passion for patient-based health care to light. Her depth of experience in the Healthcare system including, working for the Ministry of Health, foreign placement in patient care, and emergency medicine. She holds her Medical Degree from another country, but her CHT Certificate was issued by the National Board of Driving & Hyperbaric Medical Technology.
It’s always been her passion to what’s right for patients. She is currently working on projects that deal with the setting up of specialized clinic that will serve the underserviced and most vulnerable communities. Her vast experience goes as far as project management and leading strategist for starting clinics, compliance and hospitals. She is devoted on doing what’s right for health care.
Mrs. Lopez is a Registered Practical Nurse with a vast experience working in long-term care facilities. Her knowledge and competencies on caregiving, managing and medical archive are some of her great assets. She has a passion for health care and making life better for those around her.
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Susima Lopez
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Liz Rodriguez
Communications Advisor
With a Bachelor of Journalism and a bast experience in Communication, Ms. Rodriguez currently work as our communication officer. From interacting with executives and stakeholders to delivering media analysis, managing social media accounts, to crafting and sending out products that would keep all stakeholders up to date on the most relevant issues. She serves our organization well with public enquiries and stakeholders.
Andrew Pruett brings nearly 28 years of experience in consulting in the Healthcare, social care and life sciences sectors, completing a diverse range of projects covering strategy, implementation and due diligence. He has a long-standing and close connection to the WolfCentre Medical team. He enjoys the analytical nature of consulting, blending data with soft intelligence to deliver practical answers to client questions, and he is a capable team manager. Andrew has an MSc with distinction in Health Economics, Policy and Management from the University of Dallas.
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Andrew Pruett
Engagement Manager