Meet WolfCentre

Meet the Founder

With pride I guide a team that has the same ideology.

As founder of WolfCentre, my passion for patients is and always will be paramount, giving a high quality of health care to all I attended. After moving to a country where I anticipated my experience would be acknowledged, I found a system that needs help to provide quality patient-centered care. It is for this reason I established WolfCentre Medical Consortium Inc., to work with the current Healthcare system, health care providers, Doctors looking to enhance the care for patients, create an environment of care for Indigenous peoples, and provide the capital needed to fund multiple healthcare sectors to establish treatment facilities.

As a Medical Doctor, my devotion to caring for those that need medical attention the most, was unparalleled. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to offer my expertise as a consultant to offer services to the Indigenous population, by working with medical professionals to establish facilities that will maintain a focus on patients’ needs and how to best supply the treatment they need.

I will create an awakening to a systemic cultural and racism prevalence in the existing colonial health care structure to breakdown barriers, giving the patient treatment regardless of ethnic background or race in an atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

Dr. Mayra Rodriguez
President/ CEO

Building Infrastructure, Systems, Devices & Services


It is our plan to offer services to assist in building the infrastructure of the key healthcare sectors along with developing the system to support it.

We will strive to develop and work with our partners to design new and useful devices that could facilitate the patients’ treatments. We will use the latest technologies to implement a range of assistance for patient care.

Bold New Future


To work with healthcare partners to bring better health care to the underserviced population and the Indigenous people of Canada.